Mill Hill Residents' Association
Frequently asked questions

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  • Q. What do I get for my annual membership fee

    The Annual membership fee of £10 (which is equivalent to just 20p per week) goes towards the cost or running the Association (printing postage, stationery, website hosting costs etc.) It also provides a fund for the cost of matters agreed by the members which may arise. It is planned that a newsletter will be produced in due course. All Committee Members are volunteers and receive no fee for their time.

  • Q. How does the Association function - is there a Committee with members carrying out specific roles - e.g. planning, transport, highways, emergency services, health, green belt, local area representatives

    The committee is made up of members who bring a range of expertise and experiences they are able to cover areas such as (but not limited to) experience in public transport, responding to planning applications, the needs of the community including the problems faced by the elderly and disabled, social networking, the workings of the corporate world and accounting. They in turn have established contacts and should a gap arise, the funds held by the association could be used to appoint an expert in a particular field.

  • Q. Would the Association become involved with an individual planning application where it was felt that the applicant was seeking approval for development which would for example adversely affect the neighbours

    The Association are unable to undertake a review of every planning application directly; however, they may be able to advise on how best to respond to a planning application in areas which carry the highest weight of consideration. Our strength is in numbers and we offer a way for residents to get their point across to the council which otherwise might go unheard.