Mill Hill Residents' Association - Past Campaigns

Mill Hill Roundabout chaos

MHRA are very concerned about the removal of one of the pedestrian crossings at Mill Hill Circus. TfL inform us that this is a temporary measure only, however there is currently no provision in place for people to cross safely. Many individuals and young people from local schools are still attempting to cross in a haphazard manner and putting lives at risk. We have been assured by TfL that the new crossing will be in place by the 14th February 2013 and MHRA will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure this happens.

Mill Hill Circus
Public right of way established in Wills Grove

MHRA fought a 10-year campaign against the proposed closure of Wills Grove to pedestrians by Mill Hill School. The reason we gave this our help was because Wills Grove is an important historical thoroughfare linking Hammers Lane and the Ridgeway for walkers accessing Arrandene, people working on The Ridgeway as well as many other local residents. MHRA were successful, it was a long and protracted legal action which reached a Public Enquiry resulting in the footpath being listed officially as a Right of Way.

Wills Grove